Banksy is the British graffiti artist considered one of the greatest exponents of street art. His works, eccentric and incisive, allow the viewer to reflect on the system and society we live in; they are a symbol of struggle and protest in a world where economic interests often prevail over what should be the good for the community.

The aura of mystery that, by choice and by necessity, feeds itself when talking about the figure of Banksy, makes him a real myth of our times. His visual protest involves a vast and heterogeneous audience and makes him one of the most loved artists by the younger generations.

The artist does not authorize exhibitions dedicated to his works, but he does not forbid them. Banksy encourages everyone who wants to reinterpret his  work and makes it travel around . According to him, art must belong to everyone. The messages must reach everyone.

His critique of pop-cultural imagery, politics and even art and museums was seen by some as a mere revolt and it was interpreted as ingenious by many others. Pop star Christina Aguilera bought Banksy’s work of Queen Victoria as a lesbian, while Justin Bieber had the Girl with Balloon tattooed on his arm. Although he has always opposed the commercialisation of art, auction houses find buyers for Banksy’s works at record prices. In 2010 Banksy was named one of the most influential people in the world by Time Magazine along with Lady Gaga, Obama, Robert Pattinson, Sir Elton John and Prince.

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